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Nature park Texel

With its 33,430 hectares, the Texelgruppe Nature Park is the largest of seven nature parks in South Tyrol. It could be described as the region of opposites as it contains several landscapes and types of habitat, which are wiede and varied.

The dry and sun-lit larch forests of the West, take turns with the shady pine trees forests of the high-precipitaion area of the East. Symbiosis at the upper limits of the sub-Mediterranean vegetation region and the world of glaciers, find their home in the nature park. Initial and almost inaccessible natural landscapes are tightly knit together with cultural landscapes, cared for by the farming population over the centuries.

'From the grape to corn snow' or 'From the emerald lizard to the ibex', as well as 'From water to light' would be suitable sub titles for the Texel Group nature park.

The attentive visitor of the reservation area will notice this extraordinary variety of impressions and particularities. Whether it is on the Meran high mountain road or at one of the main entrance areas such as the Pfossental Valley, the Zieltal Valley, the Spronsertal Valley, the Pfelderertal Valley or one of the other routes. From a simple family hiking trip, to the demands of the high-Alpine hike: there is something for everyone.

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